Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ohala! Its been a week since I last updated my blog. Or was it a month a go I cant even remember myself. Just realized that my blog looked dead so I decided to write whatever crap is on my mind. Things went on so fast and guess what, its the end of May 2012 already. Tons of things happened for the past few weeks/months. Long story short, life was a hell of roller coaster ride for me. Literally. Ups, downs, twists, turns. But yeah I managed to handle every thing on my own. Claps for that.

This week is a week full with shaaiittsss. I've to settle on my medical check up at klinik kesihatan. One thing about government clinic that makes me annoy is that they make small things become so so so much difficult. I'd rather go to other clinic and pay them, than to face these heartless doctors working in government clinic. But to think that they have my x-ray with them, soyeah I just have to. Sad lyfe.

As you all know, Hari belia 2012 has already started since yesterday and will end on the 27th of May. So me and my friends decided to just have a look on whats going on there. So yesterday, me, Alina, Afiah and Amira went to Alamanda. Accompanied Alina to buy her uni's stuff hehe. Later on had Chicken foldover at McDonald, we met our classmates. Supposed to be like our class gathering or something, but it turned out only  a few of them made it. Just like what I expected. HAHAHA for that. Then we were off to Hari Belia. Godamnnn the sports cars there like shaaittt hot! I swear. I cant take my eyes of them. So like heaven there. Hikhokhikhok. Saw Fizo Omar riding his scooter, we got into the car and wanted to chase him, but sadly we didn't manage to do so. He was so fast. Sobss. And yeah the first day of Hari Belia is absolutely BORINGGGGG. So me and three other gurls made our way to Dominos along with the boyzz. Makanmakanmakanmakanmakanmakan, later on decided to try the new Yourgurt opened at Seksyen ummm I dont know what seksyen here in Bangi :D Yummsss it was delicious. A good yogurt to end my day *hugs
So I guess that's all. Will update more in future, if only I have the time.

With my one&only Alina :)
With Syazrena :)

p/s : Asyraf comel kan semalam? haha kbye.