Monday, April 2, 2012

You're good at keeping secrets

We all make mistakes. In admitting them and making amends, we grow and learn. What's the point of having friends if in the end you choose to keep everything to yourself even go through it yourself. Well okay, that's your choice anyway. But you know what, a good friend will accept all your flaws and the dark sides of you, if you have any, no matter how gross/bad they could be. We all are here to listen to your problems and for you to share your life with us. What I'm trying to say is, it is so unfair if only one party tells you whole lot things but you? You choose to remain silent. It hurts sometimes. How would you feel if they were secretive with you? You'd absolutely hate it, right? Well, if yes is the answer, take a long and hard look at yourself.

It may just be that keeping secrets has become a source of power in your mind. But in the meantime, people have grown tired of you and friendships fall by the wayside. Is that worth it? There is less need to be afraid and by being sincere towards others, you'll feel a lot more emotionally healthy inside. Or maybe, there's something that you're trying to hide from your friends. Something that might make they look at you differently after they learn about the secrets. Friends are still friends. But yeah, it may feel like a betrayal that your friend hasn't shared it with you yet.

But dont worry. We dont have to tell everyone everything. Some things are better left unspoken. We're entitled to a private life. In my case, I'd choose to keep my mouth shut if my words could affect their feelings emotionally nor mentally.

p/s : I dont think I've let it all out in this entry. There are too many things I wish to say. Hm. I better write things clearly