Monday, April 16, 2012

I have so much of you in my heart

Hair is getting longer and longer and yaaa, takan getting shorter kot? emmkayy.

Hello again earthlings ! Why la I'm being such a lazy plain ass? If you can see, I rarely update my blog these days. lazy to write and yeah got no stories to share :D Wehuuuuu. So how's your day? hahahaha k. Damn I dont know what to write about. Lets start off with, ummm.... with.... sugar glider? Hehe Im pretty sure you guys already know what sugar glider is. A small squirrel-like body animal? The female sugar glider has a pouch to carry their babies, just like kangaroos? Know? Dont know? Okay go google lah.

K demmit. The first reason why I felt like writing today is because of the word honesty. Do you know what does honesty mean? Go google the meaning. Hahahaha k. Let me start off by asking you guys, umm... do you know what all women are looking for? Yes, of course you do. We, women want a confident honest man, who is being himself. Most guys just dismiss it by saying something like 'Yeah yeah whatever. I know those bitches just want a good looking guy with a lot of money'. If you're one of these guys, Im sorry to tell you this, you're completely wrong and idiot some more. Come on. Looks and money really aren't that important. Well for a girl like me, yes. Im not some sort of materialistic girl.
To me, honesty is sexy. Yes boys, being honest is FUCKING SEXAAAAAYHHHHH ! Hahaha k. It is one of the most attractive qualities you can possess. Being brutally honest is incredibly hard, but at least give it a try first. Just say everything exactly as it is, without directly hurting anyone (okay this is hard). Such, telling some random fat girl that she is fat is not going to save the world. Please, dont do that. She needs to realize it herself. Yaa siapa tak sedar diri kan? Emkayy.

As for me, I MAY keep some things from my friends. I got into a really bad cycle of keeping things inside. But then I realized the importance of opening my heart. I started being honest with of course my mom :) She knows everything thats happening in my life. Like seriously. Even when I was still in high school, she knew all the little things, the little fights, the little misunderstandings occured among me and my friends. Boys' issues, me having pms, asking my chineese friend to buy me a mineral water during fasting month, got a flower from this one guy (hihi), what else... just name it ! Ya I told her every single thing that happened at school. This has created one of the best relationships I've ever had with anyone.

When you start being honest with everyone, you also find out who your real friends are. And most important, you get to know yourself better. You dont have all these layers of crap inside you :D So people ! Start being honest ! Just listen to me, it wont harm you though :)
K I cant see the connection between my first paragraph and so on. K.... ignore me. Okay I'm tired. Bye

Hugs & kisses,