Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spm result

Olaaa silent readers :* I woke up quite late this morning, around 11am sigh. Yesterday was a superb experience yet exhausting. I dont even know what the hell is wrong with my body system. I get tired so easy. Just imagine la, yesterday went to school with Kak Tas to take my spm result. Met my girls. Took a walk around the school to see and thank the teachers. I was fully sweating ! Like seriously. And pity Kak Tas I left her alone sitting on a bench near the crowd of students who were taking their results. Hihi. It feels so yesterday. Truthfully, I miss schooling so asdfghjklasdfghjkl much :/ It was an upsetting moment for me as me, Alina and Nabila Affiqah were doing a road tour around the school. Ya know. I. Just. Miss. Our. School. Memories. But I never felt that tired during school days. Planned to go to Mcd after school yesterday but we cancelled it due to extremely sweaty body. Smelly. Salty. Whatever. So I reached home and cancelled a few plans I made with my other friends. Hahaha.

How's my Spm result? Alhamdulillah I'd say. Even I'm not fully satisfied with it but Im sure Allah knows what's best for me. So here it goes. 
I got 7A+ and 2A. Not to brag, just to share with you guys. Damn my Biology for getting just an A ! Fcuk