Monday, March 19, 2012

I cant face this

I dont wanna live anymore. Why? Have I gone mad or what? No. I'm just fine here. It just as you all know, SPM result will be out this Wednesday, a day after tomorrow -.- I cant imagine me myself taking the result and it turns out to be not like what I expected my result would be. How depressing I could be. How depressing my parents could be. Just once maybe once in my lifetime, I want to make my parents proud of me. I want them to know that I can be like my second brother or even better? I dont know. And spm is the starter for all. Lets not think about what the future may give me, what I might be in the the next 7 years. I am here right now waiting for the momentoftruth. The saddest part is, I dont think I can face the truth !

I've done my very best in each subject I took. So I guess I'll have to accept whatever the result will be. Allah is the best planner. I'm sure He knows what's best for me. Tawakal je lah kan. Anything I'll update it here. Adios people ! :*