Thursday, March 29, 2012

Days with them

Last Friday there was this KL concert live at klcc. Went there with a bunch of friends to watch SNSD ! Like seriously what daaaa.... Sabrina watched Snsd? Hahahaha lame. To be honest Im not a big fan of kpop, I dont even know their songs or whatever their dance moves that people are currently trying to imitate. The first reason I went there is to accompany Alina. Hehe she's like so into snsd ! And the second reason is because yaa I wanted to look at how pretty and sexy their longs legs are. Wehooo. But demmit, Imma shorty I had to watch them via the big screen they provided. Like a stupid ugly cockroach right?
Last Monday morning, went to school with my classmates to see and ask our school's caunselors on what we're supposed to do for our future. Its not like we dont know what to do, it just yaa its much better if we get tips and advises from the experts right? And also to get a clearer view on our steps after spm. So yada we had lunch at Ice Room. It has been so long since I last hung out with these girls of mine. Truly really miss them all !

Later on, on Tuesday hehe. Drove to Alamanda with Alina and her umm her special friend I'd say, Shahrul :D I was left alone in this mall. Had my lunch at Noodle Station alone, Sat on a bench alone, walked around the mall alone. Hahahahaha pity me right? Nahh like I care. Its nice to see them both :)

Well, the bottom of this post is actually to show you guys how I love spending time with my loved ones. They are part of my life and I wish to keep them forever ☺