Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Name the title

HELLLOOOO ! I'm back ! Phew, finally -.- It has been a long long hiatus. Truthfully, I miss typing craps in here, I really do. So bonjour earthlings :)

Life has been good to me, that's all I could say. I would not change a thing, except yeah need to earn my own money $$$$$. I feel my life is getting better and better. I dont feel that I have ever had it bad as I have always appreciated the things I've got. Yeah I am blessed for all the things He had given me :') Still breathing ! Got happy butterflies just around every corner Hehe. Though I have no idea where are all my friends had gone. It takes a lot of effort to hang out with these girls of mine. Idontknow. Girls, if you're reading this, just to let you guys know that this friend of yours truly really miss you guys :/ My friends once said, Oh after high school ends, we might not get to see each other as often as we used to. Well somehow its true. It happened.

Okay stop complaining Sab. So move on. I just got back from One Utama, had lunch at Delicious with my brother, kakak tas and her three friends. Gosh I felt damn young ! Hahaha well I am indeed. While they were talking and chatting about their work, marriage, honeymoon and stuff, I played the shark blabla game in my brother's phone. Got nothing else better to do -,- Maya Karin was there sitting in front of me. She still looked pretty even without make up. And tomorrow, I'll be going out to meet my boy. Awh, how I miss the fondness in his voice when he spoke to me, the happiness that came when he saw me. Aaaaaaa make it fast please !

Welcome February ! May the coming days bring us more happiness, satisfaction, and joy. XX