Friday, February 10, 2012

Life must go on

Yesterday I spent my morning with my loved ones. It was a day fulled with joys, excitement and what a thrill I tell ya ! Haha. Went out at early 9.30am to 7eleven with my sister to buy some snacks, then later on I drove to pick up Alina and Nabila Hai and made our way to McDonald. As soon as we got there, what happened was we cant take out the car key from its place. I mean it stuck there ! So had fun laughing giggling and at the same time I was damn embarrased as we looked like idiots there HAHAHAHA. Sumpah rasa nak lari je -.- Few seconds later, here came the sound tick tick tick tick ( I guess la bunyi kereta mcmtu?) This time I was damn damn embarrassed ! Suddenly I turned me head to the left and saw this one familiar face making his way out of the door. Then I was like EH SYAFIQQQQQQ MY SAVIOUR :D He came and helped us to remove the car key and everything went back to normal again. Luckily he was there, or else I couldn't imagine what will happen to us.

Had Big Breakfast, talked this talked that. Sent my friends home at around 1pm. Well I did skipped some part to make this post as short as I could possibly write. Sheesh. Then I straight away went home, this is when I got myself into an accident. No. There wasn't any major injuries on me. I'm all fine, but the car.... was badly damaged. It got crashed with the gates :( and swear to God it scared the hell out of me and I was all alone some more. I didn't have the urge to step out and see how bad was my BROTHER'S CAR got crashed. While still in the car, I immediately called Akmal, yeah instead of my parents. Talked to him about what happened and he tried to calm me down. But neh, It didn't work. I had no clue on what had happened to the car, how clumsy I was.

Got into my house, locked the door, bbm-ed my friends then I called my mum asking her to get home as fast as she could. She wasn't mad at all. All she said was 'Pasang telinga je nanti dengar ayah membebel' Haih. To make this short, later at night, where it was the moment of truth. Went dinner at Danau golf club, met my dad there. It was my second brother who started to blurt everything out to my dad. I was quite mad at him and felt angry at the same time, because it was supposed to be me to explain everything. Not him ! Can you just please shut the fuck up? I'm totally done with him. Done. My dad's reaction? He only asked on how bad the accident was. That's all. Yaa I'm lucky enough to survive. I'm not dead. I'm still breathing my own breath. Alhamdulillah.

But if you could read my mind, I'm pretty sure you'd be traumatized to ever drive a car again. I am in trauma, it leaves me a scar. But No ! I'm not going to quit just like that. I cannot let this crash put me off. This accident reminds me to be extra careful next time. Yes I will.
Okay I dont know how to end my post. I'm not good in this. So Toodles lovelies ! May you guys have a great weekend with la familia :)