Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's so cold with nobody to hold me

Just a short one from me for today. Life hmm is treating me quite good. Done this and that had this and that, Gosh enough with life. I'm sick of it. I mean there should be something much more interesting to talk about rather than what's going on in my life right now. As you see I dont update my blog as much as I used to, or should it be said daily? Yeah whatever. There's just nothing to be updated in here or maybe my passion towards blogging has decreasing. Idontknow. Deal with it okay

So like yesterday was my third brother's birthday. We went to Ice Room for lunch and for the second time in my life I gotta admit that the workers there are stupid. Sorry to say, they are all mainly foreigners which mean they cant seem to understand what Malaysians are saying. I asked for a mineral water then he gave me that blank face, which I noted as yeah he didn't get me. Pfft. Then later on my brother went to the beach which I dont know where -.- Damn ! I wanted to follow him, but then he said he had stuff to do. Eleh cakap jela nak pergi dating :p Macamni la dengan adik sendiri kan. FINE FINE. So in the end I made my way with my eldest brother to Seksyen3 tambahan. My mum persuaded him to teach/improve me on my driving skills. Hahahahaha. Kay got driving class tomorrow and Imma so lazy to go -.-

And today is Eyrfan's birthday ! Ohmy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GORGEOUS FRIEND :)
Sadly we cant celebrate it like last year. But still, I have the chance once again to celebrate you for being here on Earth with me. Hehe. Awh I miss your 2011 birthday celebration. Full of surprises. Thanks to me ! Krhkrhkrhkrh. I wish you have a splendid day today and onwards. Cheers to the past adventures we can recount over and over. Cheers to you for your thoughtful kindness and patience during the days I needed a shoulder to lean on. Wishing you absolutely the most fabulous birthday ever ! xx