Friday, February 24, 2012

It is easier to forgive, then to forget

When I think of friendship I think of respect, love, shared thoughts, hobbies which we can share them with the special people. or should I say Friends. You know what, friendship does not come over night. It takes a long time to build such a strong connection between our friends.
To me, a friend is someone who loves you for who you are and shows that through their actions, who can look past your flaws and appreciate your good qualities. Someone who loves you even after they have seen you at your worst and you can freely be yourself when they are around. Why are friends important? Because they will be there for you through thick and thin, they will lend you a helping hand, they will be your second parents. Friends are people who are not friends only when we are happy, but also in times of need. So should  our friendship be valued? Only you have the answer.

When someone does me wrong, I usually have no problem forgiving them because what's the point of you living if only to hold grudges? It makes you feel bad and really does nothing to help the situation. I often keep everything, my anger, any unsatisfied feeling to myself. When it comes to my friends, of course I forgive them all. But in my situation, I could never ever forget the things I've experienced. I experienced it MYSELF. What's up with the capital and bold word? Only I have the answer.

p/s : If you forget what they did to you then you'll never forgive yourself for letting them to repeat their mistakes again.

Who are your friends?