Saturday, January 7, 2012

Girls and Mirror

Girls and Mirror, what can you guys conclude between these two things? They get broken easily? Teett, wrong answer. We, girls are strong enough to face heart broken and we're strong enough to take so much pain. To me, they are best friends ! Mirror is every girl's best friend. Isn't it? It's very compulsory for me to have a mini mirror in my bag. Ya knoww.

Whenever I see myself in front of the mirror, I'll find a different picture of me on each different mirror. Weird huh? Well, that's the reality of my life. I bet it happens to each and everyone of you too, or is it just me who experiences this kind of situation? :O Hahaha okayh. I like the mirror in my mum's toilet most. I don't know why. I find it pretty. LOLOLOL. Is it the mirror or the girl I see in it? That's a question. Krhkrhkrhkrh. Well. it's a must for me see myself in the mirror. How do I look, Is my face getting fairer each day, is my body getting fatter day by day and whatnot. Beauty has always been a bad business. Nowadays, I find women are so obsessed to look pretty. It is amazing what we do to ourselves in the name of beauty.

I know, every girl wants to look pretty. Me too. The better we think we look, the higher our self esteem. Am I right? Okay you nod :D But I believe, beauty comes from inside. No matter how pretty and how gorgeous you look, but if your attitude is completely on the opposite side, that doesn't make you pretty at all. Hm this is just my opinion.

It's a soul thing, baby. Inside we glow and outside we shine. Everyone is beautiful in some way, in our own special way. Come on ladies, we are all wonderfully and beautifully created by God. He gave us all the physical attributes that attract men to us. Look into the inner part of us. That's who we really are. That's what makes us, us. So be grateful for what He gave us :)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the luckiest girl to have Akmal Azizan by her side?