Monday, December 5, 2011

When I'm bored

Hello human being. I love ya all like so much :') Hehe okay cut it. I just came back from Mico with my mum, had my hair washed and before that I went to school to return back all the 17 text books. Oh my you guys had been with me for one year, and I owe you a lot. Though I lost two books, Bm textbook and Dirgahayu Bahasaku, hikhikhik. I am sorry I have no idea where I put them. Dua dua Bahasa Melayu pula tu :D It's okay school is over and currently I'm trying my best to enjoy this emm I dont know for how long holiday ni -.- Let the time tells. Uuulalala.

Yesterday went to Midvalley. Haih Lovely lace tu memang tak reti nak tukar bunga yaa? Everyday every month pergi pun bunga tu jugak lah yang I tengok :B Please la gimme something else. We were about to watch Puss in Boots because my brother was so eager to watch this movie. Like come on brothah? A cartoon movie? The last time I watched a cartoon movie is when I was in form 2, yang meatballs tu :D Serious that was my first and last ! I am not into a cartoon movie, I am more to love story, horror and andventure. But Tom and Jerry is an exception. Hehehe I love Jerry the mouse ! So tiuuuttt HAHAHA. Okay.

Hmm. I miss my girlfriends. I miss Fatin Nabilah Nazri, Juliati Hanis, Nabila Affiqah. I miss them all. Lamanyaa tak jumpa :( Shoo sad. And I miss my first brother too ! He is somehow has forgotten his little sister ni since he got married :/ Shosho sad. And mum always told me, it's okay No it's normal la he needs to take care of his wife now, and plus he's working. He is such a busy man ! Eeeei marah ni. Fine just wait till I get married. Lorh gatai. Heee siapa taknak kahwin angkat tangan. Seee semua orang nak kahwin, Alina Filza sorang je yang angkat tangan :D KRHKRHKRHKRH. SORRY.