Saturday, December 10, 2011

Missing them

From left, that's my sister in law kakak Tasneem. She's way too kind and polite and all. So much better than me and my sister. A major difference ! My sister and I are crack. We both are loud, TOTALLY. Hahaha but she? Haih. I don't know. My brother is lucky to have a nice wife like her. I'm not that worried if my brother falls sick or whatever because she's a doctor. And I want to become a doctor too so that I can treat my husband well ;) LOLOLOL. Next, that's my first brother aka Kak Tas's husband lah kan and also my topap machine ! Huehue. I can rely on him whenever I need a help. And to be honest, he has always been there for me. Truly. I love you brother :* But I've vowed to myself not to trouble him anymore because he has a family now, soyeah I am a good sister. I wont add more troubles to him because he surely has many already.

Next to him is of course my lovely dad :) I don't think I have to elaborate more on him. Because everybody knows that I love him so muchs ! So move on. On the right side is my third brother, Ami. He's annoying indeed. But hey I love him. He is my third topap machine :D Who's the second? That would be my second brother. Hahaha. This is one of the advantages of having three brothers ;) Huehuehue. One thing about him that annoys me is that he keeps asking me to share some credits with him. And alsoooo, he keeps reminding me yang adik beradik tak baik kedekut. HAHAHAHA. Nice one ! Ami is a person who is so hard to please. He does things on his own way. Everyday pun ada private disco in his room. I am more to hard pop sounds yang catchy, but him? Lagu jiwang karat melayu lama lama tu ! -.- Heck. Truth to be told.

So where is their cute little sister? Why am I not in the picture?! That's unfair. Life is so cruel. Pinky cruel. Hehe. Naaah I'm the one who snapped that picture you aliens :D And the reason I upload it in here is because I miss them three. I miss my brothers :'( It's very hard for me to topap my phone since I am stuck in Terengganu. I have to persuade my little cousins to buy it for me and of course have to give them a tips hahaha. Kids kids, that's just how they roll. God, I'm such a lazy girl. Forgive me. I will be nicer tomorrow. Okay tata loves <3