Friday, November 18, 2011

This constant Iloveyous

I can still remember the day when it was raining, Syazrena and I were chatting over some random things. Then suddenly she started to pray so that I will be happy with Akmal. So I followed her and pray. I kept saying Amin amin :’) Oh my it was a fine day. Wasn’t it? I just couldn’t stop smiling and my heart was smiling so big ! How can I forget this moment, right Syazrena? Hihi ;D I am more than glad to have him by my side, to have him to wake me up every morning. He brings laughter and smiles to every corner in my life. Since I knew him, I had never gone mad or sad or whatnot for whatever things he did that might kill my mood. To make it clear, I’ve never been in an off mood whenever he is around. He makes my heart go la la la. Ahaa so true ! <3

I love you. No hearts, no pretty colourful drawings, no poems. I just love you. I burden my brain every single day. Why? Because it seems like I’ll be always thinking about you. Trying to figure out whether you’re doing okay there, whether you take your meals or not. I just cant get you out of my head. And I love you for that. I love when your smile makes me weak. I love when I crave for your voice every second. I love that you have so much control over my heart and I love that you know exactly what you do me. There is no brighter days than the days I spend talking to you on the phone. Nothing moves me like you do. You’re the most sweetest caring loving guy I’ve ever met. Eeee I hate you Daddy. Oh you know it’s not true :3 Your close relationship with your family is my first turn on. There's no doubt why I shouldn't fall for you in the first place. I feel secure whenever you’re with me. 

I'm sorry, brain. This is beyond my control. I don't expect this to happen, but you know I’m a human and I do have feelings. Well maybe you don't understand. Forgive me this time. Winkywinky ;)
I love you more daily. I wish you could see it yourself. Words can never describe exactly what I feel. I want you to know with three simple yet meaningful words straight from my heart. I love you 


Sorry for being cheezy. Cant help myself :D Hehe yaaa distance separates us, so I guess this is how it’s supposed to turn out. Will be more cheezy if he’s staying next door. Uuuyes it sounds good hikhik. Okay no more cheezy post after this :* Btw, thank you for reading ! Love yaa. XX