Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Party people

Greetings earthlings :) Since I have nothing to do at this very moment, so I've decided to blog. So random. Just. to. kill. this. boredom. XO. I could die by now since I didn't have my lunch yet. It's 5pm. Serious purple. My mum just got home then she went out straight again to buy Dominos and to purchase free regular pizza. Yabedabedu yeay me ! :3 Now I'm waiting for my lunch, eh it's tea time with pizzas haha. Lame. Waiting for Daddy to finish his class hee and waiting for school tomorrow. Jkiujkiujkijkiujkiu. Speaking about school and Spm. How's my trial results? Since people kept asking me about my results on chats and texts I guess I should come clean. All did I say was Em my results are okay. Though I'm not quite satisfied with them -.- Once I get all the papers back, I'll tell you guys in here. Life has been treating me really good. No denials. I can say that I am hundred percents happy now. With lovely parents, cutest Daddy on earth, and nicest friends, what else do I need?
And now texting with my babygirl, Aisyah makes me feel like something. She's like my boyfriend. We sayangsayang loveydovey each other. Haha it's fun to have her in my life. DECEMBER PLEASE AND PLEASE BE FAST <3 We cant wait to see you in just how many days? Count it yourself. Imma lazy chicken :D And yeaaa I pass my so called computer test ! Alhamdulillah. 45 out of 50. Nothing could be proud of heeheeheehee. Okay annoying much.

See ya, huggy huggy sikit ! :B Tata loves XX