Friday, October 14, 2011

Nobody is as luck as me to have you

School today was boring as usual. Only Amira, Syazrena and Syafiq came which means all of my other friends didn't come to school. Okay. Lifeless. Much. The only reason I came is because I had to submit my form for program asasi laluan pantas Upm blabla, and it turned out I didn't send it to the principal. Why? Hmm let see there are few reasons. Malas nak cerita. Hahaha. Soyeah gentle pointless pergi sekolah tadi. So me, Syazrena, Syafiq and Ajwad straight away went to Alina's and ordered Mcd :D Huehuehue naughty much okay ! Whatevs like people care la kan. But Syafiq was so funny. He kept babbling all the way as we bumped into two teachers == Plan hancur setengah. He was like weywey plan korang mcm haram serious first time aku buat kerja ni yadayada. We were all like what da heck this guy. Shut up will ya? :B So made to Alina's, watched movies and partied. Haha jkjkjk. So here I am now at home, received bbm from my beloved dad saying he misses home and of course us the whole family. WE MISS YOU TOO OKAY <3 I'm sending my love through the wind :) Then he said he bought lots of chocolates for me and sister. Now that's what I'm talking about. Krhkrhrkrh I LOVE YOUYOUYOU OKAY AYAH !

Oh apart from that, let us all sing a song. An all time favourite song. Hee. Okay it's singing time ♫ Aaaaarhh nyanyi sendiri :D

Happy 18th Birthday Ammar Zailan

You're big boy now. Oh my eyes :3 May God bless you with all his warmth and care. You're my ultimate emotional support and my sweetest friend. Every memory from the gone years makes me glad that you're my friend. You've always been there for me through whatever circumstances. You listened to me when I wanted to talk. You were always there to help me get rid of my fears and wipes away all my tears. I just cannot make my mind whom should I be more thankful to. To you for being a sweetheart? Or to God for blessing me with a friend like you? Hehe so what else? You can make even the dullest day so damn interesting with your bright smile and hilarious sense of humor. Okay you know that already :D You are simply awesome to have around. Have a lovely birthday Mar, I'm sorry I cant make it to our plan :/ But still, love ya (: