Friday, September 16, 2011

Go run run

Okay, this is funny. Totally out of words. You guys can say whatever you want cos nobody's gonna shut your mouth off. I am living my life till the end. No one is controlling me. I am just who I am. So deal with it. Oh lemme correct your friend's statement, I had never said those three words to you. Like seriously bila pulak? So err okay. About your status the other day, I guess I manage to take it pretty well. I can never be mad at you, I was just clueless. And yeah merajuk lima tahun dengan you :3 Serious terasa. Serious pink. Hot pink. Haa kalau dah hot pink you know lah mcamane terasanya I. But I'll be okay. Soon. I am the type who keep things to myself until you yourself realise it what you've done wrong. Am I right syamee? :B But as I said, I'm not mad at all. NOT AT ALL. It takes time to be able to talk to you again. Well oh well, if the word Again still exists -.- Lulz.