Friday, September 2, 2011

Just shoot for the stars if it feels right

HI HI HI HI HI ! *over excited. Howayu sayangs? And how’s raya so far? I just got back from Terengganu. Yeay me ! Last minute planned. Though I spent my time there for only one day, but it sure pleases me. When dad asked us who wanna follow him to kampung, I immediately raised my hands :B Seronok okay feels like this world is mine. Hahaha. Yelah, raya dekat Bangi macam raya sorang sorang -.- Semua orang tak ada. Dekat kampung, I can meet my aunties and uncles, my kiddos, cousins and all. It’s heaven compared to Bangi. And everytime I go back to Terengganu, my atuk and aunties will be like Ohh Sabrina dah tingginyaa dan makin can***. HAHAHAH. That’s one of the reasons why I love my kampung :3 LOL. Oh speaking about height, when I hugged my 32year old cousin, she’s just below my waist :D No kidding. And plus, I also got duit raya :D Well yeah, I’m still young not that old and still cute. Bahahaha okay yang tu kelakar. Raya is pointless without food right? Hikhikhik that’s all I could think of. Eat lots and lots and lotsa food :3 Rendang, nasi himpit, kuih kacang, sate, nasi tomato, dagingdaging, kuih raya and etc. After this going to buy a weighing balance ==’ WAJIB ! No more sunat sunat dah.
I spent the night before raya otp with Nabila Affiqah (: I let my disappointments out to her. Talking about how desperate I am to go back beraya at kampung, talking about how we will be having a very long break during and after Trials, talking about our baju kurung, talking about duit raya, talking about this and that. Hehe and she just listened to my babbles :B How sweet she is. Lalala tengok kawan dia lah pulak kan :DD It’s funny okay cos on last Friday we barely talked to each other cos I don’t know why -.- then when I called her, it’s like nothing had happened before. Why ea? We’re just cool liddat(Y). Enough said.

Lebiu big brothah. :')
Meet the most annoying sister :B
Kuyunya mataa =='
At granny's :)