Friday, August 19, 2011

What I did

So basically, um um last Sunday I did nothing. Stayed at home doing some revision. All that I think about now is to get straight As for my trial and of course in my real Spm. Amin (: Wish me luck peeps ! 
On Monday, went to school as usual. Talking and talking and talking as usual. My classmates were busy retaking pictures for the senior page so on, and teachers hardly came to our class so we continued with our chatters. Hahaha :D During recess, naaahh here’s the creepiest part of the day. My friends and I who were accidentally having the same CUTI, if you know what I mean :3 asked Chua to buy us a mineral water. Okay shut up ! I felt like I am an evil heartless stepmother who has sinned. Anyonyonyo what to do, we were being hypnotized by some kind of evil creature. I guess. But hey, we have a solid excuse :B Doing that thing refreshes back the old good times I had with my friends during fasting month. Last year, I brought a box of ayamas to school. Hikhikhik. The last two years, ummm I baik :D Form 2 pun masih baik lagi. When I was in form 1, Syakira brought variety of kuih raya and I ate chocolate cookies at the back of the class together with my two friends, if I’m not mistaken. HAHAHA how immature I was :3 Later on, after recess went to surau. My friends and I sat at the corner and tell you what, we were so busy gossiping and laughing ! Oh boy, I should zip my mouth some day. Yes I should. So to sum it up, it was a happy day :*
Move on to Tuesday, morning seemed mute -.- Entered the class just to realise that Nabila Affiqah and Alina were absent, so did Syafiq. Yeah imagine my days at school without them. Pointless I can say. Though I have Afiah and others but still. Hurm. Then suddenly, around 8 o clock, Syafiq came. Hoyeahh baru rasa okay sikit :B At least he can accompany me study. I was kinda suspicious about him getting late to school, then he showed me his car keys. Walaaaah ! You’re the man :D Hahahaha. My school guard is so nice to let him park his car inside, even my mum is surprised after knowing he doesn’t have the licence yet. Lol. So he drove me all the way back home. Mucho gracias (: Later on at night, went break fast at Islamic Kitchen as well as to celebrate Syazrena’s birthday. Last minute planned. Pheww, thank God everything went well :B Headed to Ice Room cos my tummy never get enough hikhikhik. It was a tiring day I tell ya ==
Wednesday Wednesday, nuzul quran kan? Had my own quality time on bed. Laying there with Interlok in my hands -_- Finally I finished reading this 426pages novel in just one day. Gimme a beat now xoxo. I fall asleep a couple of times huehue but that isn’t the issue cos I freaking done with that novel ! But teacher, I wont be able to re story back this Interlok as it seems that I have lost half of its synopsis. Yeah man, this isn’t cool. Step by Wicked Step is so much easier than this bloodykilling novel. Nahh blood suits Interlok really well. The colour of this novel cover is red. Harharhar :D Kbye. Nobody is listening. Lame yaaaaaa :8

Nabila Hai <3