Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spiritual programme

Today, woke up late again. Hikhikhik. Went to SMK Jalan 3 for a programme named spiritual and motivational blabla I don't know. This programme involves all schools in Hulu Langat, 4 students each school. Went there together with Izzah, Syafiq and Ajwad. I pretty clear and sure why Izzah wanted to join this programme really bad. It was actually Ahdiyyah who’s supposed to join this, but then Izzah replaced her. Harharhar you gatal Izzah :3 Well yeah, we both did usha usha together during Olympiad and Sunway A Level competition. So I know her well. Pretty well :D Lalalalala lulululu lolololo. Ohkay. Nothing much happened, just got latihan dalam kumpulan thingy. I kept my eyes wide open cos you know why :D There are like 100plusplus students all form5 and standard 6, soyeahhh :B Gotta need extra energy there for proper functioning of my eyes muehuehue. The group discussion was BORING LIKE EMINEM. Discuss this and that all basically about how to study right -.- Like we don’t know how to study la pulak. Hahahaha.

There was this one guy, Maigodamn the good. I looked at him and he smiled. Hehehe. Memang time tengah discussion fikiran mata ke lain ! He was jus sitting right in front of my table. Nice. Eeee dodol much. Eh feeling to eat dodol :B the green colour tu. And and rendang of course. So good finger lickin good. Even kfc pun kalah. Poodaaahh ! Around 12.30 Izzah asked me to accompany her to the toilet. At first I was like umm okay let’s go, I need mirrors anyway. Need to make up make up Hahaha kidding. But daaang, it's the school ends hour. All I saw was a shoal of fish making their way back home for a nice moment on bed. Grabbed Izzah’s hands and shouted NO WE GOTTA GO BACK TO HALL IM NOT GOING WITH YOU. Hahaha malu gila nak pegi redah the crowd, like come on. Sekali terserempak dengan muka2 yang dikenali haaah memang tak lah. Better stay in the hall. Rasa macam hilang tercampak dalam tong sampah dignity I ni kalau pergi jugak :B Errr. I’m sorry Izzah, I know you’re so frustrated for not able to see Him. That’s the MAIN REASON you want to go the toilet ! I know :3 Tehehe. Alaah, go and see him somewhere else la, go to the park, catch movies or whatever, but not by forcing me to his school’s toilet. Lol. 
Okay loves, I love ya all muchhss xoxo.