Thursday, August 11, 2011


So many things happened. It was just a long tiring day full with dramas. You have no idea how desperate I was to get onto my bed after school ended. Plus I got cough -.- I think I need an early night tonight. Dear bed, today I realised how much I appreciate your existence :B Hikhikhik. 

Oh oh you can call me love guru ! And why is this insane human asking you, pretty human to call her by that name? Did she just lose her mind? Naaahh of course not. She is still the old hunny bunny Sabrina. Lol. Okay I hate hunny bunny, it reminds me of you ! It reminds me how you were having your good times lying to me ! Damit. Okay I DESPERATELY NEED A NEXT BUTTON. Bye
Here now we begin. I always give advises to my friends whenever it comes about love. And I like it. Told them not to burden their mind thinking for someone that's not worth for them. Told them to keep on smiling though problems piling up and sometimes you gotta laugh through the tears. Told them not to give up easily for the one they care and blablablabla. You know love sucks when your dreams slip away -.- See, how heartless our lives could be. So like last night, Syafiq came to my house to return my book. Then we chatted for quite a while. Come on bro, how come suddenly you are thinking of giving up? I thought the word giving up never exist in your dictionary. And like broo, you only waited for her for 4 hours, three days in a week. I waited for this guy for more than a year == Ugh can I kill the past? Hahaha. If you really love her then make the first move. You're the man ! :3 But here I am speaking as a friend, I think it's better for you to let go of her. I don't know. The way she has been behaving is full with question marks. I just don't want you to get hurt :B See I'm a good friend who gives good advises. But the fact is, I'm not capable of doing the same thing to myself. You looser creepy winky kiut Sab c: Life life, could you be nicer and prettier to me? So I can live for the next 60 years :x

So next, this morning we got to watch an irritating drama right in front of my two eyes, eh wait no. 36 x 2 that would be... 72 eyes ! MUAHAHAHA :D The so called Iwanttokillmyself sinetron. Tehehe. Aiyo girl, have some dignity puhhleasee -,- I was embarrassed by the way you acted this morning. Me and Nabila were trying to hold our breath and kept our eyes opened on the drama, in case you slapped that guy ! Lalalala. So funny both of you. Look my dear, if he doesn't like you then why you're still wasting your time clinging on him. Zzzz. We all saw how he wanted to run away from you, how he hid behind Aiman's big body Hahaha. Okay sorry. Aren't you ashamed of what you're doing? But never mind, we had a ball on the show :B Muehuehue.
Okay I'm feeling exhausted, talk to you later loves (: