Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Out out out

Just got back from Midvalley with ma friends Alina Filza and Nabila Hai (: And and Alina's sisters huehue. Went to school and as usual, you can predict what I'm gonna say about school right? Yeahh waayy too bored -.- Listened to the ipod while doing maths, Syafiq helped me in controlling the volume. Harhar he wasn't helping actually. He turned up the volume to max, then slowed it down then to max again. Brilliant ! I know you're jealous. Hahaha. But it doesn't hurt a bit :B
I miss canteen's food. Like so much okay. Even though their food can never beat my mum's, but somehow I just miss them. Umm okie raya is just around the corner. YEAY ME ! To the zoo with that, trial baby trial :B So after school, straight away to home showered and get ready to shop. Break fast at sushi king :3 Tehehe tapi still lapar ohh -.- My tummy knows me best :B It was singing Bruno Mars's song, Talking to the moon cos I feel like talking to the moon to come to me so I can skip puasa tomorrow. Hahaha if you know what I mean :D Okay pay no mind to that. Went to grab sandwiches and famos amos. Naaah what I wanted was a plate full with rice and fish or prawns or whatever. But yeahhh I'm grateful enough for what I had. Lulz. 
Oh not to mention we watched Captain America ! Much love <3 Okay I know we all lame kan baru tengok, but who cares. The hero omaigod is so effing bloody smoking hot o,o Yeah mannnn, be my man, cos I'm gonna teach you how to be a true desire man. Muehuehue. Me and Alina were screaming and shouting over this so called Captain America. His body, mak aih speechless I'd say. And he has such adorable smile and his lips is so HAHAHAHA tiut miut :3 Okay okay I'm not gonna cheat on Bruno Mars. Hell no :) Awww shoo shweet, shweet like a palm sugar. Lalalalalala~