Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So so so this guy sent me this picture and all that I said to him was, Haha I told you this sport is so dangerous. Bloody dangerous. It freaks me out okay whenever I see the boys playing rugby. Haiyoo I know you you guys ni tough tapi sakit tahuu :D Soyeah. Play until you die -.- Mehehehe sorry.

I was planning to take a nap, but then Syafiq called asking for my Physics exercise book. So I have to wait for him to come to my house and get the book. Then later only I can sleep -.- Bro, can you come fast? Or at least wait until tomorrow? Ugh. You just ruined my mood Hahaha. Tonight I'm going to break fast outside with my friend. Hee :) So be ready, I'm sure gonna order anything I want. Anything that can make my mouth shuts :3 So till then, dadadada. Mmuaah :*