Monday, July 11, 2011


Ahhhh Haaa see the title up there? It's about PLKN the National service training which is killing all of the form5 students this year. Most people fret over these things, right? Omaigod, I haven't received any text messages saying Tahniah or Maaf for the next year intake. Please say that you're sorry as I wont be participating in the national service 2012. Please say so. Pray for me peeps -.- Ahhhhh Im dying of frustration waiting for them to reply :B Didn't you get my message? Dah la the website is running very slowly at this moment. Super killing me = = And plus Naqi wants to hold a thanksgiving ceremony if I get the election. Muahaha thanks a bunch dear. Appreciate it much ! Lol -.-"

Shoot I cant imagine myself stuck for three months of bullshit government propaganda ceramahs and waking up at 5am every morning and also marching under hot blazing sun ! So not cool. Well of course if I don't want to listen to the speeches, I can always choose to sleep. But yeah this is torturing. Plus, I would already have my driving license by that time !

It's like you've been cursed once you got it. Harhar. Yeah my friends Alina and Afiah got it ! Danngg, pity them :/ But seriously, entering the National service training is such a waste of time. Booyeah the government for creating this programme. For me, it sucks. These wasting billions of ringgit can go to helping the poor instead. Like seriously.

This is my opinion though. Maybe it's not that bad. Those who are selected can experience living away from home and be more independent, which is good. Meeting new people, making friends, and travelling around would be the only benefits, in my opinion. :D Aiyoo different people different opinion. For now, let me just pray for the best (: