Sunday, July 31, 2011

Name it

Hello hello human ! Long time no see haa (: Been busy these past few days and also Imma lazy ass to post about this whole mess life. Hkhkhk thank you. Err okay what should I write? And where should I start? Haiseh what's the point of making this post lah. I've absolutely no idea .__. Okay okay okay okay okay okay. KO! Damit. Okay 

Let's talk about last Friday. How was your friday? Mine was okay. Didn't go to school cos it was raining cats and dogs so better I continue sleeping. Huehuehue. Hujan lebat gila okay angin bukan setakat sepoi sepoi bahasa tapi dah tahap angin puting beliung tu ! Sejuk gila. So what do you expect? For sure lah I'll use that chance to skip school Hahaha. You lazycrazy creature :3 I tabik Faiz my classmate. Although he walks to school, but still pergi jugak hari jumaat tu dengan meredah hujan lebat ala tornado. Claps for that. Err okay what else? Um um um oh brain, plish make this easy for me. Sooooo all I did at home was eating eating and eating. There was nothing much. Really. What was the freaking things I did last Friday?! Shoot I just cant remember. So move on to next. Eh wait you know due to the rain, my brother went to work at 9am hahaha. I saw him still sleeping, so I woke him up lah kan. 'Abang off day ke hari ni?' With his eyes wide opened, he asked me what's the time. I said it's almost 9 then he was like 'WHAAAT?! Why didn't you wake me up earlier. I'm so dead meat' 'Lol I am not your wife, wait till you get married dear brothah' Then he rushed to the toilet and all. After 5mins he's done ! Claps for that. :D

On saturday which is yesterday, Ahh haaa went to Midvalley with mum and brother. Wanted to buy baju raya tapi satu pun tak jumpa. Okay fine-,- So I made my way alone to Klcc to meet Eyrfan. Huehue. I'd rather go to One utama or The curve cos these two places have a lot more to choose. Dangg what to do we were at Klcc already, takan nak patah balik. Soyeah had fun there :)

On my way back home, I waited at Kl sentral around 8.30pm. I was wondering where could my mum be. Doesn't she worry about her cute little beby ni? Am I okay or not? I waited for her call cos normally whenever I go out she will text me asking my whereabout and stuff at early 7. Soyeah a bit furious there. Why didn't I call her first? Nahhh, touching touching. Muahaha. Luckily she called when I was in the train (: Speaking about the train, hahaha I have two stories that I wanna share with you guys. First, there was one chinese lady standing not far from me who kept yelling and complaining. Pantang orang tersentuh dia ke beg dia ke, she will start 'Hey janganlah sentuh sentuh' 'Hey janganlah tolak give me some space' 'Eii panasnyaaa'. For god sake, the people around were irritated by the way she behaved. Everyone was making faces except me :D Why? Cos I'm cool liddat. Lol. 
To make it short, she struggeld herself out from the train and at the same time her mouth just couldn't stop babbling. Auntie, what is it actually that you eat everyday? Is it some kind of poisonous frogs? Or is it that stinkywinky pigs? Harharhar. Okay tak lawak :B Due to her annoyingshitto behaviour, there was this one girl who is my age, I guess, pergi marah orang cina tua tu. 'Auntie kalau taknak himpit2 orang pegang semua go ride your own car please' Something like that and with her Gediks style :3 Memang berdesing ah I dengar. You are Malay, aren't you? So please behave like one. No matter how annoying that lady is, still she has feelings. And she's an old lady with wrinkled skin, it is improper okay for you to yell at her. And come one, you're shorter than me ! So I guess sebab tu akhlak awak lagi rendah kan daripada I? Hahahaha I need that damn calciyum :3

Next next, okay this one is a spontaneous once in a lifetime experience :) When I was in the train, I ni bajet hebat lah en en tak pegang tiang. Konon banyak superpower sebab sebelum keluar tu habis 3 cawan kopi superpower :D But things already happened hahaha. The train suddenly stopped and due to Inertia, my body was being pushed to the person beside me. My hands fall to this girl's boobs. Waaalahh ! The best part of the day huehuehue :B I was kinda pushing that thing ya know hikhikhik. Then she said 'It's okay span je banyak ni' HAHAHA.  Everybody was laughing like hell. That was hilarious okay. My face went all red and I swear I'm so gonna grab the tiang after this. I thought the ladies coach is safer, but it turns out worst okay. Worst ! Waait, you dont know what inertia is? Hehe. Alaa you know that momentum yang blablabla tu? Still dont get me? Ahh, malas ah cakap Physics saya tak Aplus :/ Go check your Physics Form4 Chapter 2 !

Hihi Eyrfan memang tak reti senyum :D