Sunday, July 3, 2011

awesome day

2nd of July Oh oh oh oh is the doubletripleextraawesomemuch day ever ! Hahaha. I spent the whole day with my friends at Sunway pyramid. And nah watched Transformers Dark of The Moon. AGAIN -.- 
Yesterday, I finally got a chance to meet my dearest friend's boyfriend (: She has been keeping him for so long from all of us. Such a nice girl, right? Hihi. Boo yeah I'm the first person to get to see him in person. Sorry Nabila Affiqah and Alina :/ Seeing their intimacy makes me so jealous okay. Sigh. 

I went for dinner at this one restaurant in Petaling Jaya with Nabila Hai and her sister,kak Nisa and also her brother, Haikal. There were also Kak Nisa's boyfriend and Nabila's boyfriend :D Huahuahua. So tell me. They were all having good time with their boyfriend there, while I was left alone with Haikal, a fourteen year old kid ! Harharhar pathethic much. Okay, I don't mind actually cos I had a great time. Enough said. So now it's their time to say goodbye to their boyfriends. Me and Haikal waited in the car watching them from inside, Alololo comel gilaa. I tembak jugak Nabila dengan Kak Nisa ni :B Do you guys wanna know what did I say to Haikal? 
'They need to get a room' Harharhar.

Meet Zariff aka Orange
All I can say is, Untunglaaahh !

Romance in the dark. Muahaha !

And last but not least, picture of the day ! Teheheee me likeyy ♥

Do not believe your eyes. This is so FAKE.