Monday, June 6, 2011

You shouldn't have done that

I have a question to ask. Only one, I promise that. Is it really necessary to bad mouth-ing  your ex boyfriend? I mean after what you guys have been through. Going through ups and downs together. Laughing giggling together. Crying over each other. Spilling out emotions when he is the only place you can rely on. But all the sweet things finally end after the break up. Cursing over each other. You know, I dont think it's necessary to throw the f*** word right to your ex's face. Yes, that's what I call as stupid.

You used to love him, so why all of a sudden you changed. Wouldn't it be better if we just cherish the sweet moments when we were with him and throw away all the bad side of him? Tak perlu nak mencarut sangatlah kan dekat orang yang kita pernah sayang. I said this because I came across so many posts on how they hate their ex boyfriends so freaking bad. TAK GUNA PUNYA JANTAN. AKU BALAS BALIK NANTI. Fuhh that's kinda harsh for me. You are a girl. So act like one lah-.- 

Two years back then, I got broke up with Haikal. Yeah  I wont deny that I hate him that time for what he did to me. But things happened. I dont blame him, well maybe I did. I didn't pick up his calls nor reply his messages because I was deep in pain. Weeks after weeks he drove me crazy. You can ask my friends how he ruined my life and my  mind cos he didn't give me a chance to at least rest my mind a bit. Every second he called me. That was a major pain. At that point, I loathe him to max. Believe me, it ain't easy for me to hate people but it just happened to him. But you can mark my word that I had never ever talk craps about him. I never said those improper words that shouldn't have been said. And now we are good friends he sometimes calls me asking how's my life. As simple as that. Come on lah. Your ex used to be part of your life, so no need to curse him or her. It doesn't worth though.
Start fresh is the best solution (: Daaa