Monday, June 6, 2011

Part time job

You can call me ugly fat or whatever, I don't give a damn because I am a real foodie. Oh I adore you food thank you so much for accompanying me every second. You're my soul mate :) Believe it or not, I do love cooking :) I love making different kind of desserts. I think my style of cooking is minimalist and simple, yet with an elegant and refined touch. I want to learn how to make a few classic dishes really impressively, and from different cuisines. I also want to learn how to bake amazing cookies cupcakes and cakes such as real strawberry cupcakes, classic chewy chocolate chip and not to forget chocolate cheesecake and etc! Cheesecake is my all-time favourite and yeah I can make one as easy as abc yo haha. I've tried baking oreo cheesecake and plain cheesecake, my family loves them really much, my father especially :) The key to its tastiness is lovee. yeah I put extra love in each cheesecake I make ! LOL. Now, i can be proud of myself hee ! No no no I need to improvise my cheese cake, extra cheese I guess? haha

Okayy enough babbling, these are all my favourites ! Well actually there are lots more, but I'm not that rajin to browse the pictures. Soyeahh let's go eat.

Chocolate lava cakeee !

Imma go dieeee -.-

Ice creaaaammmm !

Chocolates :)

Name it !
Okay, shut up !
Pizzaasss :)
Nasi lemak :)

All time favouriteeeee !

Now you get me? I AM A MONSTER. A NICE MONSTER. Who in the world can resist the heaven of food. Tell me who. I'll take a bullet straight through their brain. Ohkay Bruno Mars sikit ha ha. So feel free to treat me to a nice meal, I'll love you till death ! Promise ! :D