Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life is nothing without friends

Yesterday, I had an awesome marvelous day ever ! Went out with a bunch of friends, Naqi, Nabila Affiqah, Awan, Alina, Syazrul, Jue, Amir Hamzah, Latun, Syafik and Nabila Hai to Klcc, Pavilion and Berjaya Times Square. Wohoo what a crowd.  That was effin fun I tell ya. Arrived home around 10.30pm and I didn't eat a single thing for dinner :/

Me and Alina went to Midvalley first while others shoot off to Klcc. We bumped into so many known friends, Fadzli and the gang, Amira Nasuha with her boyfriend, Chong han Jiea and friends and our juniors. Haha funny. Memang semua orang pun keluar hari yang sama ea? At Pavilion, met Nabil, Syafik, Akasyah and Chuaa. It has been a long time, aite? -.- Watched Fast 5 the action movie Hurm I think I fall asleep couple of times on Jue's shoulder :D Muehuehue. Seeing how Latun and Naqi got really into this movie makes me think what's their problem actually? Haha. Later on at night me, Nabila Hai, Alina, Latun, Naqi and Syazrul had a tremendous fun at the Cosmo world (: Naaahhh words cant describe my feelings. Let the pictures tell !

Alina, Jue, me, Nabila Affiqah, Nabila Hai
Yeah yang lain semua tengok Awan -.-

On our way to Pavilion
Adorable Nabila Hai
Seriously tak perasan that giant green thing behind !
Naqi, Me, Nabila Hai, Akasyah. Huehuehue
Syazrul and Alina :)
Syafik and Latun :)
Naqiuddin :)