Thursday, June 2, 2011


Ohkayyy, so like today my parents and my sister are off to kampung. My dad will be here on this Saturday, I guess. I miss my mum the most :') I miss seeing her and kissing her cheeks every morning. I miss talking to her. I miss you mum Mum just called me a couple of minutes ago, asking what did I have for dinner. I told her my activities today. After I woke up, I did the laundry I cleaned the house, washed the dishes and there are just too many to write here. I was tired as hell so I slept at noon after I went for breakfast :D See mum, I've grown up pretty fast. I'll learn and train myself to be a good daughter and a good sister on this two weeks holidays until you come back. Ngeee. Gosh, I cant do this alone -.-

And nahhh, here are the conversation between my Mum and my Brother.

M: Jaga No tu tau mak tak ada ni. Jangan selalu keluar malam nanti sorang sorang No.
B: Ohh Dekno tak balik kampung eaa. Kenapa?
M: Tusyen, study group, keluar dgn kawan dia lah and blablabla
B: Haaa bagusla tu, boleh Dekno buat sarapan sebelum Aki pergi kerja. Masak jemur kain lipat kain kemas rumah apa semua.

Yeah I remained speechless for a long time, my sister was laughing evilly as if she needs a slap harharhar for sure Im not going to give her one, while my brother, he seemed like he is on cloud nine. Booyeahh this is Gorreatttt ! You can laugh loud now -.- Sigh. Nvm, I'll try my very best okay big brothah (: