Friday, June 10, 2011


Yeah It's funny. When you got me so crazy after you, you didn't even bother to know. You were scared to ask. You were scared if one day I leave you and we cant be like how we used to be. You were scared of being rejected. Like come on man, this is life. Who hasn't experienced the horrible feeling of being rejected? We need to accept it and move on with our lives. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel you know. If you asked me long ago my dear. I'd certainly say yes because I loved you. But now, I have moved on -.-

Cant you see the changes? Ohh, I don't know. It's just hard for me to forget but what else can I do? Tell me. And now, you come to me as if I cant befriend with other guys? What's with all that? I hate how you are mad at me for not replying your messages and for not picking up your calls. Please please stop the false hopes you gave me, okayy? :)