Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Follow what your heart says

Sab : I'm happy for both of you :) Untunglah kannn. Haha dah ah kau jaga dia baik baik tau !
Mirul : Haha Alhamdulillah aku bersyukur gila kau tau aku memang banyak gila gila gila gila bersabar dan berserah, then I got her back :) Alah rileks aa AKU SURE kau akan dapat juga nanti just wait and be patient :)
Sab : Huahuahua jauh lagi perjalanan aku weh. I'm happy as long as my friends are happy with their loved ones. Especially kau dengan jue, hendaknya sampai ke jinjang perkahwinan lah ye :D
Mirul : Haha sebab tu aku suruh kau just wait and be patient je :) amiin aku pun harap macamtu juga.

Hurm okayy, be patient ya Mirul? For what? So in the end I'll be the one who will sacrifice this feeling for someone who isn't worth of waiting? Hella no. Past should stay dead. We gotta open a new chapter of life -.- But memories should be kept, not forgotten. I'm sure we have all heard the saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea that could make us even happier. Yes, that is so true right? Even though we may have our minds stuck on him, we just have to realize that maybe letting him go is for the best. For sure lah it will take a while to get over someone that you devoted a lot of your time, love, and efforts to but it may be for the best. We are all hoping for the best, righttoo? 

Soyeah to all girls out there, we are searching for the right person to share our heart with, for a long lasting relationship, bukan couple clash couple clash. Eee tak sampai seminggu dah couple dengan orang lain? What's with that? For me, this kind of people are not serious with their relationships, yeah maybe they just wanna have some fun and to know how it feels like to game his partner. Sorry to say for those yang terasa. But yeah this is a random talk. 

I didn't say that I'm good enough. I haven't been in any relationship for the past two years. Yes, i did flirt with many guys. Not as in I was playing game or whtevs. You know, when one girl is trying to get to know this one guy more personally? But too bad it didn't work out at all. NOT AT ALL. Maybe I'm the one who has problems here? Yes, indeed I am. Harharharhar. I become fearful that if I love him more than he loves me, I might be played for a fool. Huh love is hard. Fullstop
Ohh how I wish all of this had never happened. Then maybe, just maybe I'd probably have a good time on my own. Lalalalala (:

Enough said, this is too long and crap and all. Whatever it is, keep following your heart and it will eventually lead you to the partner that is right for you. It's been fated. It's all God's work. One thing for sure, never stop praying as He always listens. Always speak from your heart, be yourself and express the truth at all times (: 

Stay pretty, you chickens ♥