Friday, May 6, 2011

Today, I didn't come to school

Best kan kena denda? :D
three aunties :D

Hahahaha so like today me and my friends planned not to come to school due to some reasons. We actually didn't finish our chemistry lab reports. There are three or four reports to be done and we're supposed to submit them today. Soyeah. Another reason is because we were so damn tired due to the teacher's day audition yesterday. My legs ached. And what else do you expecting from me? For sure I'll just sit at home doing some revision. Yes, revision. I studied Physics today -.- And now, maximum amount of capacity input is filling my brain !

Hahahaha the funny thing is, I'm pretty sure my classmates today had their very own sweet silent time. And empty, I guess. Just imagine during Bm lesson the left row is empty with no students filling the tables. In Physics lab, there is only two out of eight students on the front table and the same thing happens in Chemistry lab. Tehehe. Memang nampak sangat semua komplot taknak datang. Budak budak lain tak campur lagi krhkrhkrh. Omaigod, what happened to us actually? Like seriously, mid year exam is just around the corner, five more days to be exact, yet we still took the chance to skip school. :D 
Okay okay. I'll stop being a dummylazy girl after the holidays (: Naaahhh this is what I am looking forward to. Holidays time ! But no, mid year exam is way way more important. I have to ace with flying colours so that I can put a smile to my parents' face and seal it forever. Love you both <3