Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sorry, teacher

Eeee you three little men were so rude. You guys should at least apologised to teacher and not just running away leaving the class. That wasn't a right attitude. Poor teacher okay. She was half mad, well she was superover mad at us. See, due to the three of you we all got into trouble too. What were you guys expecting her to say? She was so pissed off and I just couldn't say a thing. 

We are really sorry teacher :( Please dont be mad at us. We still need you to teach us Chemistry, we still need extra classes. Err, I dont want to have you replaced with the other teacher. You taught us to memorise and keep this line in our heart that I Love Chemistry. Yes, I started to gain interest in this subject although it's so damn hard. But, at least I've tried. 
Please turn up to our class this friday, mid year exam is around the corner and I seriously wanna give my very best this time. We're truly sorry teacher <3