Sunday, May 29, 2011

One delighted day

Ohkayy. Hi all ! I guess it's not too late for me to wish you guys a safe and happy holidays (: Like all of you guys know, mid year examination just ended last week, so put away your books because this two weeks holidays will be specially filled with our family and friends. Well yeah of course I cant get my eyes off the books. Thanks to Spm <3

My holidays have just started with splendid momentos with friends :) Yesterday I got Puncak Jaya at school until 12.30pm. Alina and I spent our night at Afiah's house. Her parents were off to kampung and she was staying all alone. It's dangerous to leave a girl alone all by herself in a house. Soyeah we accompanied her last night. I was supposed to go out with my brother and Ammar last night but thinking that my mum wouldn't allow me to spend the rest of the night hanging out and sleeping over at a friend's house, so I decided to go to Afiah's.
It was a joyful moment. We had dominos for dinner which I bought it with Syahmi. Haa this boy came all over to Bangi just to meet me. He went to melaka before and on his way back home, he called me telling he's at Nilai and wanted to stop by at Bangi. Soyeah met him. Enjoyed our ride talking laughing and giggling over so many things (: Thank you shosho much Mimimimi :D

We watched Kampus Upsr on astro. LOL. It is good actually to learn from the very beginning as well as to improve our Bahasa melayu. Harharharhar whtves. Call us nuts, we don't mind because we're enjoying each other. Later on watched Paranormal activity 2 until 2.30am I guess? Me likey horror movies. Well, it wasn't that scary though but yeah we screamed a couple of times :D Next, went to bed and woke up around 8 hehe.

These are the pictures where Alina attempted to learn to wear a shawl. Dangg she looks so pretty (:

Trying to help (:


Mehehe Im falling for my friend !

Ohkayyy :D

Pretty Alina (: