Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mid year exam

Lolololo I've been neglecting you since like forever kot? Haha okay I lied.  Emm jeeeyy, I miss writing something in here I miss babbling and spill out emotions here. Guess you already know why right? It is examination's time now. It conquers my whole heart and soul, yeah I am in exam mood. I tell ya. Ive been burning the midnight oil revising like a mad one since last wednesday. Hehe last minute preparation. Please, dont you ever follow my so bad habit. Some people think that it is best to work late right up to the night before the examination. However, you must not exhaust yourself so much. It depends on the individual actually. As for me, I just keep on study :D

But yeah, this three weeks exam period really put me in a stressing mood. We all know how stressing this period of time could be. It's killing me, it's killing all of us ! I just want this to finally over. Once mid year exam is finished, I want to go out hanging around with a bunch of friends (: Want to suffer my legs cos they really need some exercises yoo. Next week, I have Biology and Agama. So like yeahh, babai.  I perlu baca buku, kerana membaca itu jambatan ilmu ! Harharhar