Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love between human is something special

What a tiring day today. Not enough with the teacher's day audition, my drinking bottle went missing. Huh great ! Please please Im begging you to the Jessians, if you ever come across the so-like-wine bottle-shape with a picture of a lady on it, please return it to me. I'd owe you a lot (:

I think I just realised that my previous posts sound like I just had a break up. Im not denying that I am in the biggest heartbroken situation now, but the fact is I wasn't in a relationship or something. Haha weirdo. It just that, erm erm I don't know how am I gonna start so let just forget about that, okay?
So basically, love is truly an amazing thing. It's the driving force in many people's lives, making us do silly things and often act foolishly. Expressing your love isn't just only for your boyfriend. It could be for your friends and siblings. Well of course it's more meaningful if the word comes from your special one. But nahh, I find it's much cuter to tell your friends that you love them. I sometimes got caught laughing in front of my cell reading the love messages I wrote for my girlfriends. Yes, it is funny how I smile all by myself. And probably mum would think that I am madly deeply in love -.-

You know what, I love hugging my friends. My girlfriends (: I see there's nothing wrong with it. Don't you guys think the way I think? There's no other calmer feeling you'll experience when you hug them. But mum's hugs is the best of all ! It's the most simplest and smallest things in life that make you realise what true happiness is and what really matters in life. Every time when something good or bad happens, I'd definitely go to my mum's arms. When I hug her, my happiness will be multiplied at least tenfold. It makes me feel good and happy because I know if anything ever happens, I'll surely have no regrets. My mother has always believed in me. And thanks to her, I believe in myself. Ohh Mother's Day is coming, people ! :)

I just want you to take some time to think about all the people in your life. They are all precious creature. Let us not forget to appreciate others around us. If I tried to tell them how much I appreciate them, I’d be talking the rest of my life. No words can express, no act of gratitude to relay. You guys are just the greatest part of my life ♥

Ohkayy, I sound cheesy -.-"