Monday, May 2, 2011

I am tired of being me

My expectation was too high, I guess. Today is the 2nd of May and you really dont know how it means a lot to me. It's okay. I understand.
Yeah everything will change. Things will never ever be the same. Im going through hard times now. A major breakdown, a major pain, a total mess, a total disaster.
Why do I have to keep pining on that guy, who has already forgotten about me? Tell me why. It is over. There is no chance at reconciliation. It's gone. Well, this might be the end cos I dont know, I keep changing my decision. And that's the problem. Haha :D
Past is past. We must, well I mean I, have to look towards the future. Yeah bring it on to me, baby. I am strong enough to handle this heartless life. I am a monster. A bigbig monstaaah ! 

I miss how happy I was with you :')
Thank you.