Friday, May 27, 2011


Ohhkaayy. I am so sorry for not updating for so long. Hish berhabuk dah. I didn't mean to. Blame Celcom, my broadband had issues. Plus you know, I've been busy with my studies these past three weeks and fuhh it just ended yesterday (:

You weren't expecting me to update daily like I used to, right? Like, during examination weeks? Ohh no, I got better things to do meh. Hehe. Soyeahh, when exam ends so what should we do? Somebody with brilliant ideas please tell me. I want to have a good holidays. Hehehe. Ohh I thought as soon as the exam ends, everybody will be like so excited with smiles covering their faces. But naah it doesn't last long, I was half bored at school yesterday. Last paper which was Physics paper 1 ended at 10.20am and guess what we got nothing to do nothing to play with until the bell rang -,- Luckily, had games in Iphone and playing with Nabila Hai's polaroid camera ! Lol. that camera is freaking cool. The price is very cheap and reasonable lah, its film is the pricey one. Grr