Sunday, May 1, 2011

Driving sickness

Ammar, Syahmi please lend me your time to teach me on how to drive a car. I desperately need to go out driving myself to whatever places I want to go. Eee I've already asked my brother to teach me, at least the basic part but he is too busy with his wedding stuff and work. He rarely spend time with me since the wedding thingy. And I hate that the most ! -.- You sure gonna forget your messytroublesome sister here when you're officially married by the end of this year. Im happy for you, indeed I am. Butttt , erm okay.
Big brotha, dont you ever leave me. I need you to buy my things since I cant drive yet. You know how lazy mother is, she doesn't want to go out without dad's company. She loves dad so much, you know that aren't you? Hahaha isteri mana tak sayang suami oi. Soyeah it'll be difficult for me to ask for your help after this. You're the greatest brother alive and I love you to bits <3

Afiah, ask your papa for this pink beetle !

Okayy, my aim here is to say that I want to take driving lesson as soon as possible. I wanna go driving and rocking the road like a mad one. Yeah I'll go driving alone at midnight, enjoying the freshness of air. Awww. Okay cepat ajar saya memandu ! Im losing hope as I keep waiting for my friends, they have no courage at all to go to the driving center and register themselves. Hahaha, sorry boobies :)