Friday, May 27, 2011

Beauty is not on the face

Today I wanna talk about friendship, well it is more about a so-close relationship between a girl and a guy. This isn't about those who are in a serious relationship. This is like you know, when there are two friends behaving like they are in a relationship, but the fact that they're not. Haha okay. Soyeah couple of months ago, I came across this one girl's blog and what made me interested to her blog was because she did mention about this guy. How she loved that guy, how she missed his hugs and kisses. I continued reading her posts from the first day they knew each other. Yeah you can call me a stalker or whatever. I had my own reason okay.

I knew the guy she mentioned about and I never expected he would do such things to that girl. I thought he is a good guy, who cares and treats women in a proper way. Because he treated me nicely. He even tried to confess but I ain't stupid. I knew he had a girlfriend at that time, yet he played around with some other girls? What was that? I never gave him hopes, but what happened to this girl is so pathetic. She loved him that much even if she knows that he is taken. And you, you already have a girlfriend right? So what's with the kissing and stuff? I was like ohmaigod. What kind of person are you, playing around with some other girls as if your girfriend means nothing to you? Poor thing your girlpreng. I am sure she doesn't know yet the true colour of you. So what happens to that girl now? The guy dumped her and left her mercilessly. A sweetcheezy friendship finally turns into a disaster. Cursing, hating have become part of their lives.

This is really a drama. A good drama to be seen and learned. At least I learned something from our friendship Azh. I learned to always follow what my heart says. I told you I like someone else, so I can never fulfill your wish. I didn't know that you are a type who teeeettt girls until the day I found that girl's blog. Soyeahh. And now can you see that what I told you had actually saved me from being your next Victim? Harharhar. A good lesson, really. Whatever we do, always follow your heart because our heart never lies (:

Ps, stop throwing bad words towards each other. Take time to at least refresh back the sweet moments you guys have been through.