Monday, May 30, 2011

Approaching a guy?

Im now at Mcd bangi with my brother, Ammar and his friends. Haha it is least expected that he would bring, whom I can call his Gang. Gorreatt.  But nahh he's going to pay for the bill. Soyeahh :D Im updating this post because he asked me to -.- And yeah meet Ammar, if you can see he is laughing beside me. Gahh haha emkayy. Hesh I dont know what to write because it is so effing loud in here and what's worst is that I cant use my phone in case mum calls. Of course she can call my brotha but the thing is I don't know where the hell is he   -.-"

Haaahh ! Girls' life is never easy when it comes to love, right? We have to go through all kind of problems, mood swings due to imbalance hormones, waiting for something which is never gonna happen, sacrificing our feelings yet we get nothing. And what else? There are just too many problems. Im not saying that men don't have to go through all this. But the thing is guys fall in love with a girl within the first minute, while girls take a long time to really fall for a guy. Am I right? Haha sarcasm much? 
For many girls, approaching a guy they like is the biggest hurdle. But nowadays, things have changed. Some of the girls go after a guy and even ask for a serious relationship. Haa now what is that? Come on ladies, have some dignity. It's hilarious when I come to think of it. Im not denying that men say they want a girl to make the first move, but in reality men need to. It's all about the chase and I believe a girl worthy of the chase. Sometimes:D Men need to feel like they are the hunter in this Game. Hesh is it that hard? -.- Okay imma girl, so I don't know

Hey the reason I am babbling about this thing is because Ammar let me read his inbox sent from his friend. I stared in disbelief you know. How come a girl says something like that, I mean making her first move to ask for something ridiculous. Have some shame my dear. I just don't know. Maybe Im outdated, and maybe it works both ways. But as for me, I'd not make the first move. Haha what to do, that's my principle. So come here Superman. Take me to wherever you go. I'll follow your path (:
Ehh, this is too long. I have to get my ass off this chair and go home. Kalau tak, sampai pagi esok pun tak habis tulis :D