Saturday, April 23, 2011

The resolution

Hurm I was supposed to go to school today but naahh I slept at 4am and I was so not in the mood to go having fun at school. Friends are those who make life meaningful. Every friend in our life comes for a purpose and each friend teaches a lot of things that we do not even realize at that point of time. Arguments and fights are a part of friendship too. But this time I got into argument with him, I tell ya it was a huge argument. In the heat of the moment, I didn't realize what I was saying, but I guess he was being honest. I tried to calm him down. I explained everything to him and I let it all out. My thoughts, my feelings on how he has been treating me this past couple of days on why he should be mad at me for not paying attention or for not treating him well. Yeah this time, I wont just sit down trying to hold my patience. I know I was wrong and Im sorry for the way I behaved. I am always on the defensive ready to win any argument. I felt like I was always right and would never back down or admit I was at fault when at times I was.

I apologise for what I did to you last two nights. I know that was horrible. I am the worst. I know. But what you said to me last night is something unbearable an unacceptable for my conscious thinking. I cant accept that. This is tough for me. I dont know what else I could do to save this friendship. I just dont know. I try to work it out, by compromising to both of our needs cos somehow it's not fair to just have it my way. You really mean a lot to me, and I will hate to lose a friend like you. Am I the one who should seek for an apology? -.-" Okay, I know what to do. And my next step would be, hehe Im not going to tell you guys. Let me keep it to myself :) It's my fault though. Soyeahh