Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Plans on 2012

Hugs and kisses ♥

Hehe lemme share with you guys about my friends agenda on 2012. Yeah it's like what they're going to do as soon as spm is over, what they're planning to do when they have to spend most of the time at home, I guess? Hehe so basically, after spm we're all gonna have our driving license like for sure lah. It's compulsory for each of us to own one. No objections. Fullstop. Awww how I wish I could start taking driving lessons and pick up each of my friends at their house so we could go rocking on the road :D HURM. December, december, just when will your turn?

Day dreaming is fun. Ohh I just cant wait lahh. So next, Afiah said that she is getting married by next year and Nabila Hai is getting engaged by next year, also. This is what they told me. Not sure whether they were just talking crap or they really meant it. Lol. Nabila Affiqah and Alina, for sure, still having good times with their boyfriend. While me myself? I feel left out okay :/ Where am I going to take myself to? Imma go die. Haha. Of course not, I'll pamper myself with food. I'll bake everyday. I'll cook everyday. I'll be a nicer daughter, a nicer sister. Yeah !