Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friends stick with each other no matter what

Dear Intan permata, 
on behalf of my friends I apologise if we ever make things difficult for you. We never intended to do so. Of course we're not. We're not trying to get rid of you. You are still one of our friends you just don't have to feel left out ke apa. Seeing you cried in class today makes me realise how we've been so cruel toward you all this while. Ive never thought it could be this worst, Ive never even thought it could get this high.
As far as I concern, we never did anything wrong. I just couldn't find an interesting topic to talk about when Im with you. I don't know why, don't ask me. You sure did many things that are unacceptable to me and my friends. Something unbearable to be heard. I had forgiven you no matter how bad it was, we're friends. And that's how a friend should be. Forgive each other :)

Now, Im looking forward for tomorrow. It's not fair for you to let it all to Alina alone, you should at least share your feelings and burdens you've been carrying with us, with all of us.