Monday, April 11, 2011

Bruno mars, again

Before we went to Bruno Mars concert, me, nabila hai, afiah, khalid and eyrfan went to Midvalley. We watched Just go with it starring by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. I know it's kinda late aite, but nahh I dont mind as long as we enjoyed the show. Hehe this movie is hilarious and eee lucah duh. It's an awesome movie, I laughed non stop watching this comedy and love story.

Now back to my booboo, Bruno Mars is so cuteee. He has such a nice voice, I think Im in love with him. Eeee please la come again to Malaysia next year because Im so available by next year hihi. His performances were terribly outta my conscious thinking. You know what there were two american ladies who were extremely bloody full put my nerves on. They both are tall and yet they stood right in front of us, three dwarves ! Eeee dah la over dancing. I feel like killing them you know. People around us were talking about them and guess what, they paid no attention for that -.- You very rude ladies. Have some mercy on this shorty. Purleeaseeeee.

Here you go some pictures taken yesterday

Nabila hai :)

See how tall he is
khalid :)

Eyrfan :)

See the black lion printed blouse and the pink shirt on the right side?
Yeah they are so big and so rude :D

The guy behind :)

Ika, kakak nisa, nabila