Monday, March 21, 2011

Hatyai, Thailand

Pheww, I just got back from Thailand yesterday morning and to sum it all, the trip was good and hell like monkeys ! I am sorry teachers but the management was totally sucks cos you know what, they changed the tentative programme at the very last minute which I dont understand why.
Even worst the performances have been cancelled due to the changing plan. Harharharhar. We've been practicing our moves patiently and like every day kot ? Then suddenly you guys cancelled it ? What else you're expecting me to say ? And to you, encik urusetia you're so damn stupid for giving me and my friends a free speech :D Lerr I dekat situ memang angguk jelah kerja. Eeeee you were freaking annoying, didn't you notice that ? Cakap meleret leret tak kena tajuk and you leaved us with question marks -.-"

The fun part in Thailand was I got to spend time, three days time with a bunch of friends. Went shopping from 3pm till 10pm which was super cool and yeah my legs ached but then naahhh I dont regret it at all. The food there is so yumyum deliciasa :) Tomyam dia mak ai heaven betul !
It will be lotsa fun if my family was there :') Hurm takpo next time pergi lagi. Okay till then boiboi .