Monday, March 28, 2011

Need improvement

Alhamdulillah I got all As for my march test but my bm sucks -_- Eeee that was irritating you know I might have just killed Fatin Sakinah because she gets 90 for bm ! I only get 81 braahhh benci lah fatin haha. I stuck bahagian rumusan hehe, it seemed easy but then I lost 2 marks on my introduction Harharhar. You can laugh loud :D I dont mind cos Im not that brilliant yoo. 
Gotta study even harder this year. Ugh it's easy to say everybody can say it, but to start doing the revision is the problem. I just cant seem to have the effort to open the books nor looking at the books. See how lazy this little girl? Hehe pay no mind for that, Im not that old right. We are all young we should go out and have fun. Lol.
Maybe I'll start realising on how important my Spm is after the trial c: Oh God, I need your guidance I know Im not alone. I have you, I have both my parents, I have my brothers and sister and I have my friends whom will always be here at most time. Pray for me. Amin