Monday, March 21, 2011

March test results

Hello world ! I got Bio, Agama, Maths and Add maths paper today. Hurm So far so good but danggg I hate Bio cos I only got an A -_- What I want is A plus ! sigh. Okay okay so I have a story to share so you better read it, hehe.

During maths lesson, Puan Hazlinda gave us our paper back by calling each name 
Teacher : Ahmad ( not a real name), markah menurun ni. Awak bercinta kee haa ?
Ahmad : No no mana ada teacher
And so on teacher kept commenting her students marks. Akarnya, semua orang dia kata bercinta haha

Teacher : Sabrina, macam last test full marks. Awak ada boyfriend tak ? Kalau ada cikgu bunuh boyfriend awak.
Me : Errrr noooooo 

Hahahahahaha teacher was superduper funny today, well as usual actually. Haha you guys better laugh now, or else I'll kick your ass fast.
Harharhar. For sure she didn't mean it for real like hell no she is going to kill my boyfriend which currently I dont have any. But somehow she makes me realise to search for one. Hihi okay wadaver, what am I thinking ? It's hard you know to find a suitable one. It's not like eating fried rice with fried chicken and egg, it's not like as easy as abc to keep your mouth functioning okay what the heck am I trying to say here? I cant even understand what I write -_-" 
Whatever it is, it's aint easy. This is a whole new situation to me and I dont wanna think of it. Tata
* Motif sebenarnya untuk menunjukkan bahawa teacher saya sangat kelakar :D