Monday, March 28, 2011

Im lovin it

Here's a fact you should know Ammar. I am still the same. I am still the old Sabrina, I am still a friend who you used to know who you used to share problems with. Why suddenly you are being over dramatic? I thought you know me very well. I am not avoiding you or whatsoever, it just that I have credits issue and you know that, dont you? Yes, everything seems weird to me. I admit it. Im giving you such a pain I neglect you these days. 
I dont know mar, I felt bad for saying No Im not ready right to your face. Starting from that day, I dont wanna give you false hopes that I know you'll soon regret cos somehow we will still remain as friends. I started to keep a distance from you, we rarely hang out hihi yes I am such a busy lady :D

I didn't know you'll have such feelings. I swear you puzzled me tehehe. We're like brother and sister. You are my brother's best friend ! Awkward lah youuuu. Tahu tak? Ohh Im torturing myself, I know. So please, accept me as your best friend perhaps? You know to whom my heart belongs to.
It pains me even more to say this to you but I had no choice. Ive told you the main and only reason why I cant be with you right? So I hope you understand. Gracias